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cookin' is better when we're cookin' together

cookin' with kibby live!

bring the excitement of a live television cooking show to your next event

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Get ready to learn, laugh, and enjoy delicious food!

here’s what I’m bringing:

  • 6’ table with risers and red Cookin’ with Kibby table cover along with a second 6’ table for staging ingredients and other supplies

  • ActionCam setup - a small camera on a crane attached to the table that streams footage of my work surface through a laptop onto a widescreen TV monitor so that everyone in the crowd can see what’s happening

  • Lights and cameras to capture every moment of the action by either streaming the show live onto social media or polishing up the footage and uploading it later for others to see (or for you to watch again later, in case you missed something)

  • All the ingredients and food preparation equipment necessary to whip up some yummy treats for you and your friends

All I need from you is a place to cook, a place to plug in a cord, and a group of people ready for a good time.*  I’ll also need about 45 minutes before to set up the space and about 30 minutes after to clean up once the show is over.


The cost to have Cookin’ with Kibby LIVE! Come to your event depends on a number of factors:

  • The items being prepared

  • The number of people in attendance requiring samples

  • The distance to travel

Please submit a Booking Request to get an estimate on pricing.

Watch these videos to get a feel for what you can expect:

Footage from a live cookin' demonstration at the 2018 Rock 'n' Ribsfest, July 4th, Union County Fairgrounds, Marysville, Ohio. Most people think delicious, falling-off-the-bone ribs takes hours of slow cooking in a smoker or oven, but imagine if you could have it ready in under one hour! Sound too good to be true?!
Footage from a recent demonstration at the Uptown Westerville Saturday Farmers Market. Mushrooms are in season, and one of my favorite things to do with mushrooms is to make inari-sushi - a Japanese dish involving sushi rice, braised vegetables, and fried tofu pockets. Watch and learn how to make it yourself!


Click here to see a list of previous clients and how I have served them.

Click here to see a list of previous clients and how I have served them.

cookin' demonstration booking request form

Name *
Phone *
if applicable
Date of Event *
Date of Event
Address of Location
Address of Location
Please tell me where the demonstration will take place, if possible.
What is the event? Why do you want a cooking demo?
What would you like to see or learn? Be sure to view my client history linked above for ideas on what sort of show I can put together for you, although you should not feel obligated to select from that list.
Please list any known food allergies for your group, if applicable.

By submitting this request form, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the information regarding the service being offered and the space requirements in order to fulfill your request.  You are also acknowledging that this does not constitute a contract but is a request to obtain information from Cookin’ with Kibby regarding booking availability and pricing.

* Space for the cooking demonstration may be indoors or outdoors.  Space indoors must be no smaller than 300sf with access to external ventilation (either doors leading outside or windows that can be opened).  Space outdoors must be no smaller than 300sf with measures in place to prevent strong winds. Outdoor demonstrations may be cancelled or postponed due to inclement weather at our discretion.  Space indoors or outdoors must provide access to electricity within 10ft of the staging area from at least two (2) separate circuits. Overloading one circuit may disturb or prevent the demonstration.  Space must be within 100’ of a clear parking area with access from the parking area to the space by rolling cart. Space must include seating for the number of attendants requested.