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cookin' is better when we're cookin' together

when it comes time for your event,
there’s a good chance you’d rather be doing something else
rather than preparing and serving the food:

things like greeting guests, getting pictures, spending time with family, friends, or colleagues.

let Cookin’ with Kibby take something off your plate!


lining up an amazing meal for your event could not be easier!

  1. Look over the catering menu.

  2. Fill out my easy-to-use online form below.

  3. I’ll be in touch with you within 48 hours to confirm your submission and turn your request into a custom catering quote.

It’s just that simple! Let me take the burden of preparing and serving the meal off of your plate so you can get back to playing the role you were meant to play - whether that’s the mother of the bride, dad of the grad, event planner, or host.

Click here to view the catering menu!

Click here to view the catering menu!


are you looking for a space to hold an event?

our in-house catering event space is coming soon!


catering request submission form

Fill out the information below and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

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Event Date *
Event Date
Chef Kibby and his family are happy to serve you six days a week. However, we reserve Sundays for church and family activities. Thank you for your understanding
Start Time *
Start Time
Event Venue *
Venue Address (if not at Kibby's)
Venue Address (if not at Kibby's)
What's the occasion?
Please select the level of service you'll be requiring.
Type(s) of food and service
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Please note Cookin' with Kibby does not have a liquor license but would be happy to discuss your options.
Please list the types of beverages you'll be needing.
Please indicate your tableware needs.
What's your vision for the diner's experience? Be sure to look through the catering menu (linked above) and mention specific dishes that reflect your vision for the event.
Please list any allergies or other food restrictions of which we should be aware in the planning of your menu.

*By submitting this request form, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the information regarding the service being offered and the space requirements in order to fulfill your request.  You are also acknowledging that this does not constitute a contract but is a request to obtain information from Cookin' with Kibby regarding booking availability and pricing.