Cracking Eggs and Building Well-Adjusted Children - the Heart of my House


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My four-year-old loves to crack eggs.

Any time there’s a recipe involving eggs, we call on her to get crackin’.  It’s so neat to see her little eyes light up as she goes to the drawer to grab an apron, then she pulls her footstool up to the sink and pushes up her sleeves to get to work.  In fact, if she catches someone else cracking eggs without her permission, she gets a little upset.

She’s also our official “recycling girl;” there’s a basket we keep in the kitchen with items to go out into the garage to be sorted and recycled; whenever the basket gets full, we call for Recycling Girl and she jumps right up handles it - even if she’s wearing dress-ups.

Don’t I wish she were that engaged and self-motivated when it came time to go to bed!


even a princess can recycle

is her help really all that helpful?

Is having someone to crack eggs for me a huge help?  It may not seem like it, but think of all the things you can make with eggs:

  • Breakfast eggs

  • Pancakes, waffles, French toast

  • Quiche

  • Baked goods like cupcakes, muffins, and cakes

  • Fried rice

  • Batter for fried foods

  • Custard and lemon curd

These are all dishes that are made in our household on a pretty regular basis, and having her there to handle the eggs allows us to keep working on other aspects of the meal.

Of course, there are the other added benefits to her sense of self-worth, accomplishment, independent life skills, contribution to her family, and relationship with my wife and I.  Those are good things, too.


it’s amazing what cracking eggs and mixing batters can do for the life of a child

Kids can do more than you think.

The reason I share this with you is to challenge you to invite your kiddos into the kitchen to do things that to you might seem menial and unexciting, but to a little one can feel deeply rewarding.

Here are a few other tasks to consider offering to your little ones:

  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher

  • Folding napkins

  • Peeling vegetables

  • Washing fruits or vegetables

  • Rinsing rice before cooking

  • Picking herbs

  • Measuring ingredients

  • Rolling or kneading dough

How have you given your children ownership in the kitchen?

Do you have a boy who just loves washing dishes, or a girl who can’t wait to set the table?  I’d love to hear what successes you’ve had at incorporating your kiddos into the dinner preparation routine in your household.  No matter if they seem like a lot of help or just a little, the time you have with them in the kitchen is something you will never, ever regret.  Take it from someone who knows.