The Inspiration Behind Cookin' with Kibby

I’ve gotta be honest with you: for the longest time, I’ve struggled with trying to figure out what I want to do with my career.

After all, food service is a tough industry. I’ve been in it for over 20 years, spending time both in the front of house and in the kitchen.  I started bussing tables at 15, and from there have gone on to host, wait tables, manage (including, at one point, managing multiple restaurants at once), assistant GM, not to mention a few cooking jobs.

Along the way, I have worked a lot of long days and longer nights.  I have experienced slammed services, angry guests, oil fires, and even a staff walk-out.  I’ve literally given my right arm for this business.

There are many people in this industry who thrive on surviving through the relentless barrage of unpredictability and chaos that is inherent in preparing and serving food.  I have never been one of those people.  There have been times when the stress and anxiety of my work has brought on migraine headaches, nervous twitches, panic attacks, and even a few tears.  I prefer structure, order, and predictability.  Yet I chose to be a chef.  Go figure!

A brief instruction on the simplicity of cooking quinoa.

A brief instruction on the simplicity of cooking quinoa.

One day, something hit me – I love to teach.  Without really knowing it, I’ve been teaching people about food and cooking throughout my professional life.  Sometimes it takes the form of explaining dishes to dining guests, other times when demonstrating techniques to coworkers, or making small-talk with eager customers while they watch me prepare their meals.  Every now and then, I would just naturally blurt out, “and that’s today’s episode of Cookin’ with Kibby,” in my cheesiest radio voice (hard to believe, I know).  Looking back, I realize I’ve been practicing for something like this for years.

Now’s your chance – not to watch an episode of a cooking show, but to be a part of an interactive, cooperative cooking experience.  I’ll be there to coach you through it, but you’re the one doing the cookin’.  It’ll be fun.  There’s an apron and a cutting board waiting for you.


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