There's just something about this date.

It was on this date 7 years ago that my family and I began this crazy journey - to leave the big city with all its hustle and bustle and thriving food scene in order to move four generations under one roof.  The goal: live life together, start a farm together, run a business together, get through it all together.

Today, looking back, I see many successes and a few lessons learned. We've raised a lot of plants and animals, served thousands of meals, and taught several dozen people how to cook something new.  God has added to my family as well as called loved ones home.  I've begun to make a name for myself both here locally and around the world.

There are many challenges I have yet to face - some are easy to spot, others may still hide around the corner.  There are goals still unmet, opportunities that require careful planning and pursuit.  In spite of the stumbling blocks, I feel like I am on sure footing: both because I have a loving Creator and people who value me and appreciate what I can do for them.

So here we go: it's time to see what I can do to help make up for lost time, when those of us who wanted to cook couldn't, who wanted to learn to cook didn't, and who wanted someone to share a meal with hadn't.  Let's get together.  Let's cook together.  Let's laugh together. Let's learn and grow together.

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