Dorm Cookin' - the First Meal I Ever Cooked

The first time I can remember making food for others was during my freshman year at The Ohio State University in beautiful Columbus, Ohio.  I was living in Lincoln tower, and if you're familiar at all with the campus at OSU, you'll recognize the strangely-shaped towers that are overlooking the football stadium on the west side of the main campus - Lincoln and Morrill Towers.

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How to Care for your Kitchen Knives

This is a topic that comes to us from one of my community members. His name is Jason. Jason's a husband and a dad, and he told me recently how much he appreciated some of the other knife skills content that I had been sharing. Shout out to Jason: thank you so much for being a part of my kitchen community, and thank you so much for this question!

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New Year, New Lunch Box?

This time of year is a time when we take a good, hard look at ourselves and say, “I gotta do something about this.”  Unfortunately, many of us will also take a look at what we packed for lunch today and say, “I gotta do something about this.”

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How to Cook Eggplant - Two Recipes

There are those who love eggplant, and there are those who haven’t had it prepared the right way.

At least, that’s my philosophy.  I feel that way about many divisive ingredients*, including beets, tofu, Brussels Sprouts, and kale.  You may think you don’t like it, but there’s a good chance you might change your mind with the right recipe.

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