Bento boxes are how many Japanese people do lunch - compartments of seasoned rice, vegetables, pickles, meats or seafood, ready to open up and eat at a moment's notice. They’re available at specialty shops, train stations, convenience stores… but, unfortunately, not in Marysville. Komarimashita, ne? (That’s a real problem!)

The growth in Japanese industry in our region has brought with it a growing popularity and interest in Japanese cuisine, including the desire to have something a little different from the normal boxed lunch. That is why I’m pleased to be testing out a bento delivery service, and I want you to take part in it.

Bento menu

Each bento comes with chopsticks and a napkin unless otherwise specified.

Guaranteed bento deliveries have been approved only for select locations.
If you are looking to place a bulk order (5 or more) or a delivery to a non-approved site,
please use the Bento Order Request Form.

Bento Box
from 9.25

Pork Tonkatsu  9.25

Fried pork cutlet, steamed rice, sauce, two additional sides (chef's choice)

Karaage   9.25

Dredged and fried chicken pieces, steamed rice, sauce, two additional sides (chef's choice)

Omakase  9.25

Weekly special entree.  See schedule below for details.

Miso Soup 2.00


Dashi broth, shiro miso, onion, tofu, wakame. Spoon provided.

Omakase Menu

weekly chef’s specials

APR 17, 24, May 1 HAMBAGU

Meatloaf patties with sauce, steamed rice, and two additional sides (chef’s choice). Fork provided.

MAY 8, 22, 29 PORK CURRY

Tender chunks of pork stewed with onions, carrots, and potatoes in a rich Japanese curry sauce served over steamed rice with one additional side (chef’s choice). Fork and spoon provided.


Braised beef in a rich onion broth served over steamed rice with two additional sides (chef’s choice)

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