Thursday, September 7th: Makin' Chowder

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IMG_2519 (2).JPG

Thursday, September 7th: Makin' Chowder

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The first in a four-part series: the Anatomy of a Great Soup.

Makin' soup is often an overlooked and undervalued art form. Knowing the essence of building something like a rich chowder can be a great way to create variety in your home cooking, not to mention how helpful it is when trying to use up leftovers!

However, you can't have a soup-makin' session without some amazing side dishes.  That's why I've included demonstrations on how to make delicious salads and sandwiches, too.  Here's what we'll do:

  • Cook with lots of bacon!!!
  • Discuss the Cooking Liquid element of the soup anatomy
  • Learn the basic steps in the preparation of a chowder style soup and taste up to three variations on the theme
  • Work collaboratively as a team to produce Wilted Kale BLT Salad, Sausage & Potato Chowder, Beer Cheddar Soup, Chorizo Corn Chowder, and Baked Hawaiian Roll Sandwiches

Prerequisites: none
Class size: 12 people

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Ice water refreshments will be provided free of charge.  No other beverages are included in the price of this session. 

Those interested in bringing their own refreshments - whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic - are welcome to do so at their own discretion.  Cookin' with Kibby and Crooked Door Studio will not be held responsible for any class participants who knowingly or unknowingly violate alcohol consumption laws.