Instant Pot Pork Ribs

It's the Fourth of July, and there's something so summertime, so American, about sitting down to a big rack of ribs that have been slowly braising or smoking for hours. 

What if I told you I have a kitchen device that will allow you to cook delicious, falling-off-the-bone barbeque pork ribs in under an hour?!

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Gear Reviews: Instant Pot Duo Plus

I haven’t always been quick to adopt new technology. What can I say? Maybe I’m just easy to please, or things aren’t really that empty or unfulfilling in my life that I need to run out get the next big thing. Whatever the case may be, there are many of tech trends that end up passing me by.

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Origins of a Chef – the Pizzaolo

My first gourmet pizza boasted a pesto sauce base, mixed pizza cheese, cabernet marinated grilled chicken, thinly sliced roasted red pepper, and chunks of artichoke heart. I called the combination a “Tuscan Chicken Pizza;” Chef Jay, against my wishes, dubbed it “Kibby’s Choice Pizza.” 

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